About Deepview

About Deep View Systems, LLC

Deep View has developed industry-leading data analysis tools and techniques to build powerful decision systems and portfolio management systems for clients. Additionally, creative thinking workshops have been designed to increase the creative potential of engineers and engineering students.

Dr. Uttam Mukhopadhyay, Chairman

Dr. Mukhopadhyay received his bachelors degree in electrical engineering from Jadavpur University, Calcutta, where he was awarded the University Gold medal in 1975. After a 3-year stint at GEC, India, designing high frequency induction heating furnaces, he enrolled for graduate studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of South Carolina, USA. His 1985 PhD dissertation, in the area of Distributed Artificial Intelligence, pioneered a new approach to office automation that would enable document searches to yield more relevant results, customized for each user. The experimental system, MINDS, based on this research, was sponsored by NCR Corporation and incorporated a distributed learning algorithm to continuously adjust the knowledge distribution map.

From 1985 to 1997 he was on the research staff at General Motors Research Laboratories in Warren, Michigan. During these 12 years he designed and deployed a number of systems, in partnership with other researchers and engineers, to provide substantial financial benefit to the company. Some of these projects are listed below:

- an assembly-line scheduling system to sequence production vehicles in its assembly plants: estimated savings in excess of $300 million a year;

- a credit-scoring system that modeled consumer risk for granting credit for vehicle purchases: estimated savings in excess of $100 million a year;

- a partially-automated car seat design system that brought world-class levels of comfort in a low-cost architecture;

- a robust process parameter setting system for a gas-assisted plastic injection molding product, enabling more than 60 individual structural components of a car door inner panel to be consolidated into one part.

In the process he won several awards from GM: the Charles McCuen award (twice), the Extraordinary Achievement Award (twice), the Charles Kettering Award and the GM North American Organization President’s Award.

In 1997 he founded Deep View to reach out to new clients in the financial services industry, with:

- a risk estimation system for the world’s largest check guarantee company, saving them an estimated $20 million a year from reduced bad check acceptances;

- a data-mining system model to target profitable new merchant account acquisition from an analysis of cardholder transaction data for the world’s largest merchant credit card processing company;

- an agent fraud detection system model for unearthing potential money transfer fraud for the world’s largest money transfer company

- a dynamic portfolio creation methodology incorporating daily updates with 50-50 long-short positions, for consistent high returns with low volatility and resilience to macro-risk

In 2011 Deep View launched a creative thinking workshop to immerse attendees in new approaches to solving engineering and design problems, thus allowing them to transcend linear patterns of thinking by spontaneously drawing creative inspiration from exemplars in related fields. Artificial Intelligence research, focusing on imparting creative aspects of intelligence to machines, has resulted in new insights that have been incorporated into the design of this workshop.


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