Creativity workshops

Developing and implementing strategies for increasing the creative output of human capital

Creativity and innovation have certain theoretical underpinnings that have been studied by researchers in Artificial Intelligence in an effort to impart these properties to computer programs. In particular, the use of analogy, abstraction, and the merging of disparate concepts are emphasized in AI approaches to creativity. The behavioral sciences emphasize environments conducive to creative activity. Other approaches have dealt with the nuts and bolts of creative problem-solving in engineering: resolution of conflicting engineering objectives through a matrix of promising strategies.

Deep View incorporates all of these research findings in its workshops to unleash the creative potential of participants. A multi-day workshop, alternating between presentations and project sessions, draws participants out of their linear-thinking shells and makes creative thinking second nature. The workshop is conducted in a highly interactive and engaging environment with multiple avenues of knowledge exchange between project groups.


1. Creativity in Engineering, Ballarpur Institute of Technology, Dec 25-28, 2011

2. Distributed Artificial Intelligence: Cooperating Robots, Ballarpur Institute of Technology, Aug 5-10, 2012