About Us

Founded in 2015, we began life as Social Media Compliance. Our core mission is to help our customers succeed by enabling the safe use of social media while protecting the enterprise from unnecessary risk and remaining compliant.

In October 2018, Social Media Compliance rebranded to DeepView in order to reflect the evolving cyber security nature of the company.

Divers Story

Our ‘Master Diver’ seemed so perfect as when we were diving far into the regulation globally. So often it felt like we needed a diving mask.


Our founder, Catherine (Kitty) Parry also wanted to represent DeepView’s mission of keeping our partners safe in unchartered territory


Our clients are our 'Buddies', we continually strive to grow and refine skills (our tech!) with a regular dive buddy that you can trust and dive with frequently


Each client is assigned a dedicated 'Divemaster' who will oversee their account as we know how precious time is for everyone using our solution

DeepView DiverSolution
DeepView DiverWhy

Become Our Buddy

Diving culture is known for being friendly and fun, so of course it makes sense that the best way to dive is with the buddy system, where we stick together and look out for one another.

We aim to become lifelong partners; dive buddies are also important for safety reasons, DeepView will be first on the frontline to help you navigate a new era in CyberSecurity.

Welcome to DeepView. Come dive with us.

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