15% discount to manage Social Media Risk: from Zoom to WhatsApp recording

Are your people chatting to colleagues and clients on WhatsApp? And on personal and professional devices?

DeepView's ChatGuard archives chat systems, such as WhatsApp, thereby meeting data recording requirements for FINRA, SEC and other regulators. The patented technology is the only solution to meet privacy requirements making it safe and usable for corporate and personal devices. Users can set it up within 120 seconds. It's simple and all that's needed is their email to send them a link to set up.

DeepView has a real time alert system to review public social media posts and alert you to the ones that risk your internal security. When we say ‘public’ i.e. the ones your clients, social engineers and journalists can find.

We are now seeing daily public posts with photos and videos of trading terminals, client information and major security risks.

DeepView is currently giving a 15% discount to FlexJobs members. Mention ‘Flex’ when you get in touch. For a demo or trial please select a good time here, Or to visit our website, go to www.deepview.com