WhatsApp recording & archiving: enabling use on personal & corporate devices

the problem

Regulatory requirement to record and archive social media ‘chat’ channels used on BYOD and corporate devices by employees


Sales teams are 50% more likely to achieve sales quota when teams are engaged on social media

Research from LinkedIn and Hootsuite found that executives have a key role to play in using social media to enhance the reputation of their firms, attract talent, and increase sales.

imageguard solution


ChatGuard DeepView allows WhatsApp to be recorded on BYOD as well as corporate devices. With only 1 minute onboarding time, our technology simply records WhatsApp business communications with employee endorsement meeting regulation from GDPR to MiFID II. Real-time Alerts possible for confidential data leaks, insider trading and IP theft via text, photo and video (using ImageGuardTM).

deepview image gaurd pricinng the tech
  1. WhatsApp recordings across personal/BYOD and corporate devices. Platform records and archives conversations across encrypted social media channels, personal chats are not recorded, and the solution is slick, simple and easy to use
deepview image gaurd pricinng the features
  1. Three recording set up options, including: on personal devices, the ability to easily split work and personal chats, recording only work chats; on corporate devices, all chats recorded, including group chats
  2. Simple, easy ‘onboarding’ that takes 90 seconds with no app to download:
    1. On personal devices: link sent to users via email. Ability for users to either ‘Select’ clients or to ‘Deselect’ personal chats
    2. On professional devices: devices pre-loaded with recording across all channels within WhatsApp
  3. Real-time alerting to photos, videos and text containing sensitive data
  4. Easily scalable across the entire organisation
  5. Customised encryption options for confidentiality of recorded conversations
  6. Multi functional options for recording: either record just employee, or other side too (in the latter the other person is notified of recording)
  7. Voice messages recorded and archived


In compliance with regulatory recording standards (e.g FINRA 17-18) and security requirements (e.g. SEC 10-k) from regulators including:

For more details on specific regulation, please click here to ask a DeepView Divemaster

coming soon!

DeepView’s SaaS license is expanding soon to cover WeChat, LinkedIn monitoring and other recording technologies of public and encrypted digital communications device for both personal and professional devices, current clients given priority to feature requests

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