Instant security alerts for text, photo and video

Data-leak detection with real-time alerts.

the problem

Organisational security and reputation is risked daily by photo’s and videos sitting on public social media, posted by employees and contractors. According to Rachel Tobac, channels such as Instagram, LinkedIn provide 60% of the information needed for social engineers and hackers to enter organisations. Too often, office photos contain computer screens, passwords on post-it notes and so on enabling external parties to falsely represent internal IT departments

Problem with photo leakage:

Link to Rachel Tobac video here describing how social engineers use photos to access large organizations (min 12:06 – 13:15)


of information to hack a company can be found on Instagram & LinkedIn

According to Rachel Tobac, renowned social engineer, 60% of the information needed to hack a company is found on Instagram & LinkedIn as employees inadvertently share confidential data

imageguard solution


A privacy-focused real-time alerting system to remove photos and videos from the public internet immediately. Advanced ML for text, videos and photos, tailored to your organisation.

deepview image gaurd pricinng the tech
  1. DeepView’s patent-pending machine learning technology scans photo’s and video. The advanced AI is able to detect computer screens, password on post-its, white-boards and so on
  2. The Gold licence below includes additional ‘add-on’s’ for text, photo and video searches relevant for you
deepview image gaurd pricinng simple integration
  1. Integrated solution with all social media channels such as LinkedIn, Instagram
  2. Simple onboarding, direct data feeds to internal systems
  3. Privacy focused solution: no employee details required
deepview image gaurd pricinng secure hosting and operating system
  1. Secured with AES-256 encryption algorithm using asymmetric encryption with private and public keys
  2. Hosting options off-prem and on-line. Off-prem options include AWS, Google and Azure


In compliance with regulatory recording standards (e.g FINRA 17-18) and security requirements (e.g. SEC 10-k) from regulators including:

For more details on specific regulation, please click here to ask a DeepView Divemaster


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