A privacy-focused platform to monitor and archive business communications

  • Real-time alerts to data leaks in photo, video and text
  • GDPR compliant monitoring and data archiving functionality, enables our clients to be in line with requirements from their respective regulatory bodies

The Problem

Social media apps and channels are not built to be compliant or secure.
  • Current digital risk monitoring solutions cannot read photos and videos
  • Archiving and monitoring solutions do not meet privacy and GDPR standards, especially on BYOD
  • Reputations and security are risked daily with enthusiastic employees posting Instagram photos and videos on LinkedIn

Our Solution

The first platform to automate the entire end-to-end monitoring lifecycle with an enterprise-wide regulatory intelligence, including GDPR.
  • Real-time alerts for fast response to data leaks via video, text and photo and organizations awareness of public data leaks
  • Evidence to regulators of ‘best-practice’ in data monitoring and archiving
  • Under 120 seconds onboarding time, tailored to specific organizations and key risk personal

Our Products

DeepView delivers a unified platform for managing risk on digital platforms. One interactive secure portal allowing our ‘Buddies’ to enable employees to engage their networks securely and compliantly.

Reporting, Archiving and Better Digital Safety

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