Deep View Systems, LLC

At Deep View we build financial models for decision systems and portfolio management with the help of our proprietary tools based on neural network and associated technologies. Additionally, we are applying results of AI research in creativity to the design of creative thinking workshops for engineers and engineering students.

data mining

Financial institutions have extensive historical data that relate characteristics from past transactions to their specific outcomes. We build decision modules with this data to allow clients to make the best possible decisions on future transactions.

financial analytics

High returns on investment portfolios are usually accompanied by high volatility. In addition they can be vulnerable to macro-risk, where all investments go down simultaneously in reaction to some event. We have developed long/short portfolio strategies that are resilient to macro-risk and achieve high returns without high volatility for institutional clients.

creativity workshops

The creative potential of engineers is often untapped because of linear thinking conventions embedded in an academic curriculum. We have developed a creative thinking workshop for engineers and engineering students that naturally draws participants into lateral thinking modes in a highly interactive and engaging environment.